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close my eyes
dream the fly
being with you
drown in the sea
swim in the turquoise current
free to pose
if it will come true

set me free
lie under the sun
fly through the words
melt my body
let it flow with the water
if it will come true

i wish i wish
the time could stop at this moment
just freeze my sore
store it here

can I find a way out
from this deep breath
you can hear the moan
soft but heavy
light but deep

run, run out of this
jump up and high
reach the point where you and I could stay
I wish
I wish
shout it loud
to arouse the world
break the silence
bang the noise
let my soul tear into pieces set in ash
to where you and I could stay

fast but slow
real but fraud
deep but shallow
my dream…………


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