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Recently I have been seeing my old personal trainer, well..saying I have been “talking” to him sounds actually more appropiate as I hardly see him unless I go to the gym or somewhere nearby to have a short meet; and seeing him makes me discover a very terrifying working environment in Hong Kong, and I am sure there are also many other jobs are like this too. Despite whether the description from the trainer is true or not, I also could see that the trainer(s) have to work from 10am to at least 11pm everyday. Everyday day means 6-7 days a week. What the hell this life can be, though somehow it is their choice to live like this. They earn a lot, but at the same time they are so stressful, so they spend a lot too; after a while, they cannot stop running in this wheel, like mice run in a little wheel, they have to keep running to make it turn. I heard so many people complain about how annoying trainers in the gym and they are in fact salespersons. I agree no more, as it is their job, and I actually will never call him trainer but salesman instead. I don’t understand the managment of that gym, it drives employees nuts…as well as their friends.


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credit: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=angel7641

Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table,
and make sure that your coffee has its sugar and cream…
Your eggs are overeasy, your toast done lightly,
all that’s missing is your morning kiss that used to greet me…
Now you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet,
and I can’t help but to wonder if you’re talking about me…
We don’t talk the way we used to talk, it’s hurting so deep,
I’ve got my pride, I will not cry, but it’s making me weak…

I’m not your superwoman…
I’m not the kind of girl that you can let down,
and think that everything is okay…
Boy I am only human…
This girl needs more than occasional hugs
as a token of love from you to me…

I fought my way through the rush hour trying to make it home just for you…
I want to make sure that your dinner will be waiting for you…
But when you get there, you just tell me you’re not hungry at all,
you said you’d rather read the paper and you don’t want to talk…
You like to think that I’m just crazy when I say that you’ve changed,
I’m convinced I know the problem, you don’t love me the same…
You’re just going through the motions and you’re not being fair,
I’ve got my pride, I will not cry, still I can’t help but care!!!

I’m not your superwoman…
I’m not the kind of girl that you can let down
and think that everything is okay…
Boy I am only human…
This girl needs more than occasional hugs
as a token of love from you to me…

Oooh, baby!!!
Look into the corners of your mind,
I’ll always be there for you through good and bad times,
but I can’t be the superwoman that you want me to be!!
I’ll give my everlasting love if you’ll return love to me!!

I’m not your superwoman!!!!
I’m not the kind of girl that you can let down
and think that everything is okay…
Boy I am only human…
This girl needs more than occasional hugs
as a token of love from you to me…

Oh!!! If you feel it in your heart and you understand me,
stop right where you are, everybody sing along with me!
(hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo…)
I’m the kind of girl that can treat you so sweet,
but you got to realize that you got to be sweeter to me!!!
I need love, I need just your love, I’m not your superwoman…

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credit: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=mankit1024

Walking back to office, my i-pod shuffled and I got this song. It is a very hurting song, and it definitely is a sad song, to make people wake up from the dreams. At this moment when I listened to this, I wouldn’t feel anything, as my heart is more or less healed (if i still have a heart)..to some point, it also reminds me that I can’t fall into any beautiful words from any guys, even I tell myself just to enjoy for the presence. Last night I got the sweetest words I have ever had the past 6 years or so…it almost made me smile from heart, but i just slapped myself once or twice…hah..sweet words are sweet, but they are not true.

在世界我最軟弱 所以要他相擁

P.S. got the english version from Youtube!!!! woo.. I was looking for this for long….

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A colleague complained that I don know the art of seducing boys:
Give them a little bit, then don give them the rest, make yourself unavailable, then give a little bit afterwards…..then take it back for a while…..it works perfect!

A colleague is a playboy, comments from a playboy………………that means it does work…

aiya..i did try to learn….but i guess I am not a good player in this game…it sucks…

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2 weeks ago I went to a concert organized by HK Art Festival and I didn’t know the singer at all as Miss G got an extra ticket and I was just curious to see how it was. Haya…it turned out a very amazing night, the concert was so great, we got the first row seats! awesome! then once we started dancing people from the back came up in front of the stage and started swinging. The atmosphere was so high and I didn’t feel it was a concert hall of the Cultural Centre! After that we met the band and we went to an African bar in Soho, yes! with the band and Youssou!!!!!! I was so impreseed by that night as it was my first time to touch african culture and people, I am so pleased I live in Hong Kong that I have so many chances to explore things from other places of the world even I live in such a small box. Bise Miss G, Merci beaucoup!!!! Je t’aime!!!!!!!!!

Seven Seconds MV

Secret photo taking in the hall – followed by a warning from a staff………………..fxxk

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pic from wikipedia

Ohwooooo, I am moving my ass to Australia to see big fish for my birthday present!!!!
I am so excited about this as I saw pictures of the place is awesome….and the fish is HUGE!!! The amazing thing is people only need to snorkel to see the fish! It will be so close!!
Mr. I recommended this place and he said (internet says too) the place is the top 3 diving/watersport site of the world!! aiahaaaa….We will have 7 days so probably our plan is to stay in Perth for the first night I arrive. The next day we drive from Perth to Ningaloo, it will take 2 days. We spend sometime there, look for the biggest fish, do camping. Perhaps we will stay there 2 days and then fly back to Perth to have the final day chill out in town or his place.
I love to visit some wineries if we have enough time, as Margaret River, where he lives, produces some of the best wine in the world!!!
I can’t wait for this trip. The only thing is I am afraid is that we may have a fight in the middle of the trip as we sometimes just cannot have a common idea/decision and we as well wouldn’t be considerate for each other..Haha…hopefully he won’t throw me out of the jeep and I will have to walk back to Perth……
pic from http://www.austrialiens.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=2425

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