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things are still blur but I could manage already to shop yesterday 5 hours after my operation.
things are still blur but I could manage to type this passage.
thing are stil blur but I am so excited
things are still blur but I always think I have my contacts on!
the operation went very well though indeed it was a bit scary while i could see the doctor open something from my eye. For those who may want to know where I did my operation..I consulte a doctor called 關永光. His clinic is at 旺角中心 and I did the operation at Lasik i Centre. Funny thing I didnt need to pay the consultation fee after my operation. Weird…..anyway….ai..my I have to control myself as I always want to rub my eyes! stupid…


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Today I made 2 big decisions and apparently they would change the rest of my life.
first, I finally decided I will stay at uni and will study edu dip. YES! I have decided and I won’t regret about this.
Second, I will have lasik surgrey tomorrow and hopefully say bye bye to my thick glasses forever, forever and forever. Now I actually feel a bit sad to say goodbye to this old and close friend, the one which has accompanied me since I was 6. Now I am thinking, quite silly, e.g. if one day I have plastic surgrey and try to get rid of my eye bags, will I feel sad that they are leaving away from me? Probably I will….no matter it is good or bad, it is something with me for long time..just like now…a pair of glasses, contact lenses, contacts case, solution…now they have to pack and go out of my home, or my life…will they feel sad that their job is finally done? They anyway did a job on me and being with me for the good and bad days….
Thank you dearest glasses, I will miss you (but I will leave you)

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ok…here are my options:
1. Keep my current job, work for 2 more years, plus take an edu diploma as part time
2. Quit my job, go for mining industry in Xinjiang (if they take me)
3. Quit my job, go to Australia with Working Holiday Maker visa and perhaps get a mining job there

Option 1: the most stable one however not much challenging and I may use up all my leaves in these 2 years to have practical teaching instead going for vacation
Option 2: practical but my life will completely change from a very laid back environemnt to a very tough field.
Option 3: the most romantic one – i.e. I don’t know where and how I end up there…..

Silly enough….

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image from http://www.wikitravel.org

Hong Kong to Bangkok (Round trip by Emirates: $1600HKD included tax)

It is possible to go directly from New Bangkok Airport to Trat (or Liem Ngop)

From the airport, take a free shuttle bus to the Bus Terminal (around 10 mins ride). We almost missed the bus as we thought we could get on a tour bus to Trat directly from the airport, but it is not the case, we HAVE to go to the Bus Terminal first, and the lady from the information country actually gave us wrong instruction (she said we can get the 9908 BUS at the airport), luckily a security guard who had not much thing to do instructed us to take the shuttle bus! LOVE HIM!

At the Bus Terminal, go for 9908 or NO. 3 or whatever its called to Trat (Koh Chang). We arrived at the bus Terminal at 5am, we tried to get on the 6 30am bus however the ticket counter wasnt open until 6 40am and then the person said the bus would come at 6 45am and then he told me at 7am that the bus was full and we had to wait for the bus at 8 20am!! (170baht per person)

Around 5 hours non-stop bus ride (no toilet stop), we reached a place has nothing but a small house selling ferry ticket to Koh Chang with free minibus (rot song tiew in thai) transfer to Centrepoint Port . Single ferry ticket 90baht; open round ticket 140 baht.

Around 30 mins boat trip to Koh Chang. There was only a man “collected” all the backpackers from the pier. We paid 50baht per person to White Sand Beach by rot song tiew and around 100Baht (I guess) to Lonely Beach.

Brief introduction to Koh Chang: There are several famous beaches: White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Kao in thai), Klong Pra Beach, Kai Bae Beach, and Lonely Beach. White Sand is a well-developed beach with bars and restaurant. I would say it is more suitable for families and group of friends. It is not somewhere I can see the scenes of “Beach Boy” by Lenoardo. If you are looking for “beach Boy”, go for Lonely Beach. People are more crazy funky punky there. Kai Bae Beach I have the feeling is for farangs who like to pick up a thai girl for their vacation companion. Klong Pra Beach is somewhere in between quiet and noisy (hah, got it?).

We stayed at White Sand Beach and Klong Pra Beach for my vacation.

White Sand Beach
Nice bars recommeded: KC Bar, 15 Palms and Sabay Bar.
Resort recommened: White Sand Beach Resort, KC Grande Resort

The White Sand Beach Resort we stayed is situated at the northern end of the beach, it is not bad at all except it takes about 15 mins walk from the heart part of the beach. One thing to keep in mind: while it is high tide, some of the way is covered by water, there is no way to walk on a dry sand beach. (around 1200baht per night per bangalow with private bathroom) Tel Number: 081-863-7737

Private Taxi from White Sand Beach to Klong Pra beach costs 400Baht!!! Incredieble expensive!

Klong Pra Beach
Compared to White Sand Beach, it is more quiet on the beach, things concentrate more along the main Road and spread over the very long beach and the main road.

The Boutique Resort and Healthy Spa we stayed is very cute and the ladies there are very friendly. (around 1700baht per night per cottage with private bathroom) Tel No.: 089-938-6403

V.J. Plaza and Koh Chang Plaza are situated just opposite to our resort. We were satisfied with bars and food we found there. Recommended Italian Restaurant: Abella at Koh Chang Plaza.

Activities on Koh Chang:

Scuba Diving
Diving Centre recommended: The Dive Adventure is apparently the cheapest we came across so far: 1900baht for 2 fun dives with lunch and water on boat. The average price is around 2200baht for 2 fun dives for the rest. I think the Water World Diving is also trustful.

Snorkeling Trip: 550baht per person for a day trip going to 4 places. Nice snorkeling site at Koh Wai!!!! MUST GO!!! There were so many big fish just under my feet with turquoise water!!!

Elephant trekking trip: 900baht for 2 hours; we didn’t try but I was told if you pick an old and tired elephant, probably you would feel you’d rather head back home otherwise you may cry from your soul.

Thai Cooking School: 1000baht for either lunch/dinner. I would love to TRY this but we picked snorkeling trip therefore I didn’t go. I was told (again) that they cook Tom Yum Kung, Green Curry, Pad Thai and one more dish I forgot. They also introduce you different kinds of spice for thai food and a cook book given at the end!

Must go: Treehouse on Lonely Beach!! Best Disco Music on Earth! (A dog was dancing with us there)

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Bumpy Road from Poipet to Siem Reap for 6 hours

Fire show on Lonely Beach

Cambodia Poipet Border

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Came back 2 days ago, my very short 2-week Thailand Cambodia Trip came to the end. This trip surprisingly gave me a lot of insights about different kind of thinkings, which I didn’t get from my previous trips. Cambodia is a place where people are so tricky but poor. To me, the first time I saw those little street kids I only related them to the scenes in China so I didn’t give any sympathy. After a while, I found out they actually put more effort than the other kids in other third world countries, the most amazing thing is they do speak lots of languages. They like to sell postcards to us, say “One Dollar for 10 postcards..”, after this they will start counting from one to ten in any language: english, japanese, chinese, spanish, french…..I really wonder who teaches them, tourists or some adults, if so, they should be able to do more things instead of selling postcards with their bare feet. Anyway, because of my sympathy to the kids, I got a very unrespectful experience with the kids. I thought they would appreciate if I buy them some food no matter what kind of food it is. However, it was not the case. They didn’t appreciate at all when the food is so cheap (bananas) and started throwing the bananas back at us. OH MY GOD!!! I was very shocked while they did this, my sympathy immediately was gone and I tell myself I won’t trust any innocent look kids anymore in Cambodia. They are hopeless! I was so confused if I was too mean that I only bought them some bananas so I got this feedback or it is their problem. This incident makes me very sad and before this I always told Jen that if I have children I must bring them there and see how lucky they are to live in HK with almost everything they want. After this incident, I don’t give a pity to these kids anymore. Perhaps they cannot represent the whole Cambodian people, however what they did already kill my tolerant to know or understand more of this country.

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05 Jan 07 – Long journey from Koh Chang to Siem Reap. From 7 30 am departed from Koh Change. 3pm Waited at Poipet for the “scam bus”. 10pm Arrived at the guesthouse we booked. Got a fight with the tuk tuk driver. My first shout in this trip.

06 Jan 07 – Whole day Angkor Wat. It is very amazing.I am touched by the architectures and carvings there. I will introduce every temple sometime later.

07 Jan 07 – Whole day Angkor Wat again. Dined with the people we came from Thailand together: Jane from North Carolina; Zoe from korea; Monica and Markus from Syndey; Drew from somewhere between Syndey and Melbourne.  Had drinks with Drew after dinner. He is too good looking :D. However we had a very terrible experience with some street kids. We got thrown by bananas while those bananas are bought by us for them! I will describe the incident in very detail once I get back home .V.

08 Jan 07 – Half day somewhere near Angkor Wat. Recovering from hang over and sore lef from climbing too much in Angkor Wat. Had dinner with Jane and Zoe for the last dinner in Siem Reap. Jane is an ordinary American Lady and she operates a farm in her hometown, she grows mainly flowers! What a dream job.

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