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Bless you in peace, forever.

You are always missed.


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my last 13 days of 2006:
19th tue: french lesson + dinner with whoever
20th wed: meeting up gerrie for final shopping
21st thu: french cuisine with french teacher?
22nd fri: uncle’s funeral
23rd sat: family dinner
24th sun: ers party
25th mon: 27b party
26th tue: nichol’s visit
27th wed: 5S party
28th thu: ?! one day off
29th fri: rock for koh chang
30th + 31st sat+sun: party @koh chang

at the same time, still playing with new toy everynight, i love you little mac!
and “mac” in japan probably getting more popular! what shoud I do?

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yes or no??

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It is so sudden. My uncle koo cheung left us last night. He was the most healthy guy I have ever met. Without a sign, he suddenly wanted to take a long rest. I went to see him the last two days. Looking at him, I couldn’t imagine such a healthy person could suddenly have a stroke and never will wake up again. My aunt koo ma is so strong, she understands if the God wants him to go to heaven, just let him go, she doesn’t want him to suffer, even if he could live longer. My koo cheung had a beautiful life, I am so proud of him. He traveled with koo ma these years after their retirement. They are such a perfect couple in my eyes. I like his smile, and i will forever remember his smile, especially together with his Hawaiian shirt.
My mum is not around, and as a nephew, I try to comfort koo ma as much as I can. I had dinner with her last night, she told me she knew koo cheung since she was 18. They were so happy for their whole life. Unfortunately, now his life has come to the end, though his life is very completed with all people love him so much.

Thank you my flatmate AS and stranger M, they were coincidentally being with me and gave me such a warm comfort.

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hah……muan waan nii pai baan khoong phuui chai a me ri can ..ai ya…chan mao maak koo leew mai ruu pro waa pai noon. nasty enough. chan khit waa chan baa laan leaw tee mai yaak plang leew. taam mai? toong doo eew doo lee dee dee na!!

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